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Based in classroom settings, Happy Phonics creates an all-immersive English environment for children. With authentic English stories and ballads, and vivid illustrations, the first English learning step on our children's journey is about to be the most delightful and exciting experience into English world.

Happy Phonics

Fun Fun Planet

As an English coursebook for very young learners, Fun Fun Planet focuses on implementing the whole child approach. The course is designed to help young learners acquire English skills through immersive learning environment, captivating stories, lively rhymes and songs, engaging games and activities. Playing is learning here! Welcome to Fun Fun Planet!

Happy English

Happy English focuses on a student centered teaching approach, aiming at inspiring students to enjoy English learning. It provides students with authentic materials, cognitively challenging activities, engaging stories, and fun songs and chants. We hope, with Happy English, students will come home with a fun experience and an outcome ready for practical use.

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