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Happy Phonics

CookieEdu_Happy Phonics Series

First Edition


Yan Wang, Lingyan Zhou


Happy Phonics gives a key to our children to decode reading


Language Level: Beginner


Happy Phonics is committed to enabling children to acquire the natural spelling ability of "listening to words to write, and seeing words to read". It follows the principle of "phonemes affiliate with words, words affiliate with sentences", equipping children with natural spelling ability out of engaging and interesting contexts.

  • Happy Phonics contains 26 letters, 44 phonemes, visual words, compound consonants, word families, spelling patterns, pronunciation rules and common affixes.

  • Listening and reading exercises lay down a comprehensive and solid English language foundation for our students.

  • Primary level (Level 1) consists of 26 dynamic phoneme songs in 52 vivid studying scenes; Intermediate and advanced levels (Level 2&3) consist of cartoon stories in each unit, provide students the most immersive and memorable learning experience.

  • Happy Phonics organically integrates pronunciation and meaning, helping student efficiently understand word usage.

  • Happy phonics emphasizes "from practice to comprehension". For each knowledge point, it has a complete set of exercises from pronunciation to part of speech and application.

Happy Phonics includes:

CookieEdu_Happy Phonics_1A

Happy Phonics Level 1A


In Level 1A students are going to engage with the letter A-M's names, sounds, forms and meanings. Each of the letter's character, together with theme songs, accompanies children throughout the learning path, and strengthens recognition and of letter pronunciations.




Happy Phonics Level 1A

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